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Esri GeoDatabase OLE DB Provider as data source in SQL Server

Question asked by ekv5_cdc on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by Erik.Lash_hawaiicountygis

For some years now, I've noticed Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio has an option to import from an "Esri GeoDatabase OLE DB Provider."  However, trying to look up properties or clicking next pops up an error saying that "ClassFactory cannot supply requested class (Microsoft OLEDB Service Components)."


SQL Server Import and Export Wizard - The operation could not be completed.


I know we should do import/export through ArcCatalog, but I am just curious as to why this option appears in MS SSMS or maybe how to take advantage of it.


What little discussion there is on StackOverflow or MS forums seems to indicate it's not native to SSMS and was probably added by ArcMap installation.