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Need to catch Basemap load error event

Question asked by geo.harsha on Jun 14, 2018
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Dear Sir,

               The base map which i am using in my application is currently being blocked from the source site.Due to this my application is getting crashed.Now,in this case I want to load another basemap(ex:"topo") on the fly if the initial basemap loading fails.Ideally it should be done in the failure event of the initial basemap loading.But I am not able to find any such event.Could anyone guide me in this regard.


Envirnoment details: 

ArcGIS Api for javascript 3.17 version

Initial basemap url: "web_mercator/gebco_2014_hillshade (MapServer) "

Alternate basemap url: "World_Topo_Map (MapServer) "

Below I am furnishing my code chunk.


var lyrGEBCO = new BasemapLayer({ url : "" });

var bmapGEBCO = new Basemap ({ layers : [ lyrGEBCO ],
title : "GEBCO",
thumbnailUrl : "images/mgs_gebco.png"

var map = new Map ("iddivMap", {basemap : bmapGEBCO,
center : [ 82, 22 ],
zoom : 5,
slider : false,
logo : false



Kishore Kumar