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Fun with 3D data: "Multipatch Feature Services are not supported.", "Scene service is missing root node.", "There was an error."

Question asked by raze on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by raze

I'm trying to view 3D data in a scene. I can upload and publish Multipatch data over the web interface, but when I try to load it in a scene, I get "Multipatch Feature Services are not supported". When I try to publish the Multipatch data through Pro, it tells me it was successful, but when I try to open it in a scene in the browser, it tells me "Scene service is missing root node". Interestingly, I can look at the Multipatch data in a map view - but only see its boundingboxes.


When I try to publish an SPLK, the web interface just sits there for a while and then proudly tells me "There was an error". I get a bit more info when I try to go through Pro: "the data source is not supported", so I guess that would not work either way.


The server version is the latest available for download through my esri. I'm getting the same errors in a "manual" install (server, data store, webadapters and portal installed separately) as well as in an automatic one created by builder (ArcGIS_Enterprise_Builder_Windows_106_161855.iso). The Data Store is configured as relational and tile cache, so according to 00217: Multipatch layer cannot be published to current portal—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop, I should be able to use Multipatch.


I tried data in the following coordinate systems (EPSG): 4326, 3857, 31468. The data was created from scratch and displays properly in Desktop, Scene and Pro.


So what's wrong here?