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Plotting XY coordinates - DMS, DD, units problem?

Question asked by agillmeister_CPYInc on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by agillmeister_CPYInc

I received some tabular data that I believe came from a GPS unit that had XY coordinates in a strange (at least to me) format - sample: 30.23.379, 097.44.220. I assumed these to be in degrees, minutes, seconds so I converted them to decimal degrees to plot in ArcMap. Plotting them (in NAD 1983) gets me in the right city, but they are not in the right location of the study area. See attached snip that shows the points and the study area that the points are supposed to fall within (in purple). The fact that the spread of points is 'larger' than the study area makes me think that there is some type of units issue.


I then converted the decimal degrees to feet and meters and tried to plot in State Plane and UTM, respectively, but no success - the points go to "no man's land". Likewise when I try to use the feet or meters coordinates and plot in NAD83.



Is there an issue with the original data? Or is there something else I can do to manipulate these points in the right location? Calling all you smart people!


FYI we have reached out to the contractor who supplied this data to inquire about the original units and coordinate system since that is unknown at this time.