Accident data geocoding Street1/Street2/Street3

04-03-2014 09:01 PM
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Wondering if anyone out there has already created a custom locator for geocoding accident data? Seems it is fairly common that this data is recorded as  Street1/Street2/Street3 which reads as On Street1 Between streets 2 & 3. My PD users have been waiting for this and I thought I would see if someone else out there might be a few steps ahead of me and willing to share 😄   At the rate I am running they could be waiting for a bit till I can get to it.    Thanks Everyone !
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Hi Anita,

Were you able to solve the problem, I'm currently working on geocoding addresses for accidents data as well, and they have (1)- "On" street, (2)- "At-between" street and (3)-"Between" street, which derived into incidents happened at (1) in between street (2) and (3). 

I'm able to do intersection between (1) and (2), however, that would not be entirely accurate, since some incidents data have (3). 

Let me know what do you think, thank you.


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