DBF not saving but feature shows updates.

06-11-2018 04:43 PM
New Contributor

Hello, I have an odd question.

I am using a custom python tool (not built by me) that allows me to update polygon features by interactively selecting various census geographies. It has a save function that should save to an outside .dbf file. 

Here's the weird thing, it is not saving the updates I make to the .dbf.  When I export it to open it in Alteryx, its missing about 500 records. Yet it is displaying the correct polygon edits in the tool, even after restarting the computer and arcmap. 

Is there a way I can access the geo-id of the polygons through some kind of temporary workspace or cache in Arcmap? (Im using 10.1) I would prefer to not have to make those 500 changes again if possible. How can something display and save changes, but not update the corresponding .dbf?


(I'm not well versed in python so I don't feel confident editing the tool myself right now)

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