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Collaboration with Federated Feature Layer

Question asked by rsm_ddms on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2020 by Lapoutra

We have a portal site with a federated ArcGIS server. We will soon create an ArcGIS Online site in order to allow users who do not have accounts on the portal to view some of our map services.


We need to decide the best way to share the data and ensure it remains up to date on both sites. Editing of data will only happen on the portal side, so synchronization will only be one way (for now).


Collaboration looks promising, but there are a couple of details I need to nail down before I can report whether or not this is a viable option.


  • What I think will work is to create a synchronized collaboration that pulls over copies of the data onto the ArcGIS Online site, because those who do not have an account on the portal will not be able to access the actual data referenced by the service. Is this correct?
  • One thing that confuses me a bit is terminology. It sounds like what the portal would be sharing with the ArcGIS online host is a federated feature layer. The services (layers?) we would share are published on a federated server. Is this correct? If so, does "feature" in "feature layer" refer to a feature-enabled layer as opposed to a map image layer? I would much rather work with map image layers for now.


Thank you for any information you may be able to provide

Randy McGregor