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XYZ points from Raster for Triangulation

Question asked by wizman on Jun 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by wizman

I would like to ask if this workflow for obtaining xyz points from raster data is acceptable.


1. Obtain SRTM data from USGS (usually 30m res.)

2. Define or Project to proper coordinate reference system and Clip to reduce the data.

3. Use the tool raster to point to create points on each center of pixels.  Point features created will inherit the z value of each pixel.

4.  Use the tool Export feature attributes to ASCII to export the points in csv format to have the x, y, and z.


I would then use the ASCII file containing x, y and z columns in other software like Bentley InRoads to create the surface and do the triangulation in Bentley InRoads.


Any comments on the workflow will be much appreciated.