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ArcGIS Desktop: can't connect to MSSQL via database authentication

Question asked by nilsnolde88 on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by RRobichaux-esristaff


first, the specs:

ArcGIS Desktop 10.6

MSSQL 2016

MSSQL client v13 installed


I created database users a while before upgrading to ArcGIS 10.6 (from 10.4). Now, connecting remotely (and thus not being able to use OS authentication), I realized I can't connect via the database users. It tells me 'bad login'. However, I checked that they are properly set up, which seems to be the case (to me).


I also read about enabling all services that MSSQL should run. So, I headed over to the SQL Server Configuration Manager and indeed, 'SQL Server Browser' and '.. Agent' were not running. I started them but realized smth weird in 'SQL Server Browser' properties:

- I have no idea which 'account' to specify. If 'Built-in Account' or a domain account. Currently it's 'NT Authority\Network Service'

- Also there's no 'SQL Service Type' specified, which seems to be the case for the other running services.


Can anyone give me a hint what I could try?

Many thanks