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Edit MapManager to query FeatureAcces Service with URL Parameter

Question asked by juanma93_6 on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by juanma93_6

Hi Friends, if some one can help me or give any idea how i can query the Feature Access Service in a WebApp Builder if i pass the parameter in the url with the OnLoad Event, i have this code idea:


url = http://localhost/webApp/Index.html?CountryCode = 1


I get the code with javaScript Code and then i pass to QueryTask in JavaScript in the MapManager;
var query2 = new Query();
query2.outFields = ["CODIGO_CATASTRAL,MUNICIPIO"];
query2.returnGeometry = true;
query2.where = "COUNTRY_CODE= '"+x+"'";
queryTask2.execute(query2, CreateGraphics);




If some one Have any idea of how to do that its be very helpfull thanks !