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Find a polygon for a single point in Python script

Question asked by MarcWouters37 on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by bixb0012

Hi all,

I am writing a Python script in which I build a geodatabase, based on several inputs.

At one point, I am looping over a number of points (X,Y) which need to be treated individually using several criteria. 
One criterium is the polygon in which this point is located. This polygon comes from a feature table with a number of other fields.

There are several tools (Intersect, SelectByLocation, SpatialJoin, ....) which might help doing this, but they all are based on input and output tables.

How can I extract this one polygon, and linked fields, from that table, without having to make temporary input and output tables ?

In an ideal world, it could look like this :

for i in range (0, numberOfPoints):

      inputPoint = arcpy.Point(X, Y)

      findFeature(tableWithPolygons, inputPoint, outputFeature)

      myValue = outputFeature.value

      # based on this value, I can do further processing

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction