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Can a single feature class be symbolized with multiple color ramps using an expression?

Question asked by jbaugh on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by sboden-esristaff

Using ArcMap 10.6 to make monthly PDF maps for management.


I'm mapping a lease interest dataset that comes in 3 categories: 1. properties in which we already own interest year to date, 2. new interests we've purchased in the current month, & 3. new interests that overlap with the year to date stuff (we bought more interest this month in something we already had interest in).  I have attributes for acquisition month and for a feature overlaps a previous interest.


The lease features on the map need to be symbolized using color based on which category they fall into and the colors need to ramp from light to dark based on the magnitude of interest owned in the lease.  I was thinking this could be done using something like:


if (lease is in new this month and overlaps prev interest)

     use a red color ramp

else if (lease is new this month)

     use a blue color ramp


    use a green color ramp


Is there a way to set the symbology with an expression like this or am I going at this problem the wrong way?