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Switching Basemap doesn't change max zoom level

Question asked by jreadnz on May 24, 2018



I am using a BasemapGallery with a LocalBasemapsSource to switch between four basemap layers created as tile layers from ArcGIS map services. I am working with ArcGIS JS API 4.7.


Everything is working perfectly except there is one problem. The issue arises where although each of the basemap layers share the same spatial reference, they have different maximum extents and maxScales. The maximum zoom level of the map seems to be set by whichever basemap is initially configured as the basemap when creating the map. If a basemap with a maxScale of ~1000 is used as the starting basemap, switching to a basemap with a maxScale of ~200 using the BasemapGallery does not allow the map to zoom in any further.


Is this expected behaviour?


Please let me know if adding source code would help explain this further.