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ModelBuilder ArcGIS Desktop v.10.6 - Delete and Create a Folder Problem

Question asked by bdlee2 on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2018 by curtvprice


I am running a fairly simple ModelBuilder Iterate model that was previously run on older versions than 10.6.  As I type this message the model is running on v. 10.3.1 just fine. In 10.6, the model runs through the first time and returns a correct result. At the end of the model run, I delete a "process_data" folder and then Make Folder "process_data" folder both with preconditions. When the model goes to run a second time through there is a schema lock error stopping the model. I have given myself full security permissions to the drive I am writing. I write out a geotiff, dbf, and .shp files to the "process_data" directory. In the end, I am looking for a .dbf that I write out to another folder. The "process_data" folder is essentially a scratch space to be used in the process to getting to the .dbf file. 


I have done some searching on the different forums and I am not seeing this type of problem although there are some potentially similar problems and some solutions.


Thank you for any help you can provide.