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Validation of federate server fail - 'Unknown resource - could not find token service endpoint'

Question asked by deleted-user-0rxRICUw9_JJ on May 23, 2018
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I have a Portal instance, available via web adapter on an external url:


I added a ArcGIS server instance on the same server, available via a second web adapter on an external url: 


ArcGIS Server Notes:

  • Administration work via url 
  • Protocol: HTTPS Only
  • Authentication tier: GIS_SERVER+
    Authentication mode: ARCGIS_TOKEN
    Server role: STANDALONE_SERVER
    User Store Configuration Type: BUILTIN
    Role Store Configuration Type: BUILTIN


The intention is to add the ArcGIS server as a federated server and configure it as the hosting server.


When I attempt to add a federated server on url, I get the error "Unknown resource - could not find token service endpoint.".


When I attempt to federate a server on url, it succeed. I can also validate the federated server successfully.


After the server are federated via the portaladmin interface, it is being listed as a federated server on the page, but flagged with an error "error while validating the server". It also cant be added as the hosting server - error "Unable to set as the hosting server. Unknown resource - could not find token service endpoint."


What I do notice:

While validating from the portaladmin interface, a POST request is issued - to 


While validating from the interface, a GET request is issued:, that return the response:

"{"error":{"code":498,"message":"Invalid Token.","details":["Token would have expired, regenerate token and send the request again.","If the token is generated based on the referrer make sure the referrer information is available with every request in header."]}}"


I can access and manually generate tokens on these two urls: 


Any advice/comments would be much appreciated!


I don't understand how the referrer information can be different? Or what control I have on how portal use the token authentication.