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realtime field calc

Question asked by dsivertsen on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by dsivertsen

Need ability for realtime python script to perform field calculations on multiple fields in a record when that record is new or updated.

Looking for equivalence to SQL triggers or form departure actions - Example - a feature field for a utility pole such as "Serial number" is added/updated in the field from a asset tag. This would trigger a script to fill in other fields for that record. Currently I do this with a nightly script. Realtime updates would allow the field worker to enter a tag number and submit the record, and view results to help confirm accurate entry of "Serial number".  Field data entry  (Collector with a touch screen in the sunlight) is prone to error. If the realtime "serial number" field calc returned a "material type" =Steel, and it was a wooden pole, it would let the field worker see that the "Serial number" was incorrectly entered.  Using a prepopulated related table does not work, since entries may be deleted or keys nulled by edits of the feature class.