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When setting a default answer for repeat question, default answer is not applied to first question.

Question asked by Jtruong11 on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2020 by ABasinAdmin

I'm having problems getting my first question is repeat question to have a set default value. Currently, I have a question that asks if the user has invasive plants in their plot. If the user selects checks yes for a yes/no question a repeat question will appear that lists 16 common invasive plants. The user will be asked to check yes/no if a specific species is present in their plot. I would like to default of the species to no (not present) so the user can quickly scroll through the list to find the correct species, and manually check yes. I've put no into the column "default" for this question but the first question (question 1) in the series of 16 questions does not default to no, nothing is checked. Only questions 2-16 have no as defaults. I've tried this on my other sets of repeat questions and the same issue occurs, the first question is never set to the default value but ever question after the first in the series of questions will have default value set.