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duplicate labels in the result of ArcGIS Export Web Map server tool

Question asked by ykwong on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by ykwong

Recently I encountered a problem on creating print service with "Export Web Map" server tool.


When Export Web Map shared as Geoprocessing Service, it accept a JSON to understand what it is going to export, here, I passed in a map service with labeled layer

. . . 
     "id": "LayerWithLabel",
     "url": {{url}},
     "title": "{{title}}",
     "opacity": 0.5,
     "visibility": true,
     "minScale": null,
     "maxScale": null,
     "visibleLayers": [ 0 ],
     "layers": [ {
          "id": 0,
          "layerDefinition": {
               "definitionExpression": {{definition string}},
     } ]
. . .

settings applied in underlying mxd of that layer

While this layer display as expected in our system with ArcGIS javascript api, It always got tiled-like duplicate labels in the Export Web Map result. 

what the feature look like in our system

unexpected duplicate labels in the Export Web Map result


Are there any extra options in Export Web Map specification needed to remove the duplicate labels? Or is it a bug? I need something to reply to our clients.