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Survey123 Web UI not retrieving records

Question asked by on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by achipman_crec

Recently we've been unable to browse submitted survey results using the Survey123 Web UI and "Data" view.


Some inspection into the web traffic revealed that invalid tokens are being generated on requests to access the data


Are there known issues occurring right now?


I also recently fielded a call from an end user, attempting to view submitted records and print a report using the Survey123 web UI (typical to his workflow), and this user was having issues accessing submitted records as well.  In this case though, the submitted records were via a form with a custom submission URL.  The records are submitted to a table related to a parent point feature layer.  While inspecting his web traffic, the requests were being denied as the Survey123 web UI was looking for the relationship class to be pushed through typical default system maintained primary and foreign keys (i.e. globalid and parentglobalid for repeating sections), but the service is setup and has been operating fine on user managed primary and foreign keys, until recently.


In both cases, users can collect and submit data with no issues, all data is being pushed through REST into respective tables as expected, and is viewable in AGO Web Maps, Web Apps, Web Maps in Collector, Web Maps in Explorer, via ArcGIS Pro, just not via the Survey123 web UI.


Just trying to understand if these new issues that weren't impacting any workflows prior are known issues, and if so, what those are and / or what requirements may have changed that may prompt us to either modify and re-publish services and/or form definitions.