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Import NetCDF Files

Question asked by juanperez3 on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by juanperez3

Hello, I have some trouble importing NetCDF files into Arcmap 10.5. In previous versions (10.1 for example), I just run a batch process with Multidimension Tools from ArcTool Box (Make NetCDF Raster layer). In that case, I had daily NetCDF files information, and as a result of its process, all the imported images (365 days per year) could be seen inside the Table of Contents.


In the actual version I run the same batch process, but in the Table of Contents only appears the last NetCDF file that figures in the batch list. The previous 364 files doesn't apperars on the Table of Contents.


Is it a BUG or I'm just doing something wrong? I'm working with MERRA-2 data (surface PAR Radiation).


Thanks in advance.