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Survey123 Connect and G-Suite

Question asked by hnelson_azgfd on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by hnelson_azgfd

Our agency is currently moving away from Microsoft Office to G-Suite. We will soon be losing Excel. Many of our employees utilize Survey123 Connect on a regular basis, and I feel as though things are going to get a bit tricky when we lose Excel completely. I was wondering if there is a more seamless way to build surveys using Google Sheets while still getting to see the live preview of the form with each save/without having to download the sheet and overwrite the version on my C: every time updates are made? Unless I am missing something, it seems that currently this cannot be done because I cannot change the path where surveys are stored? Setting Sheets as my default program also wont do the trick because a copy of the sheet is created in my google drive, and not on my C: 


Just looking for some insights and ideas. If anyone has had to go the Google route as well, and has any tips and tricks for making this process a little less painful, I would be extremely gracious to hear. I really don't want our folks to be turned away from utilizing such a great time/paper-saving program because of this G-Suite transition. Thanks a bunch!