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Novice - Difference in Elevation variable used in if/elif statements

Question asked by GD_LD on May 12, 2018
Latest reply on May 13, 2018 by obrienjaPSU

I took a Python class in 2012 and am attempting badly to use it for a project and I am stuck.  When I have explained what I want to do so far nobody understands what I am asking so I hope this comes through.


I have a hiking trail where I collected field data.  I converted the lines I collected to points, spaced one point every meter.  The first point (trailhead) has a value of 1 in the INDEX field (a field I created).  Every point after that point also has an INDEX value which increases from the previous point by a value of 1.  This INDEX per point will keep increasing by 1 until the last point on the trail has been reached.


I want to calculate the absolute value of the change in elevation between that first point (INDEX = 1) and every other point on the trail (INDEX = 2 to ???).  The end result will be, based on a pre-existing elevation field and an INDEX field, every single point will have a new value under a field called Diff_Elev_ft which is the change in elevation between the starting point and every other point.



Elevation in ft for the point with an INDEX = 1 is 1,100 ft

Elevation in ft for a point further along the trail with INDEX = 100 is 1,300 ft

The Diff_Elev_ft between those points will be 200 ft, which will be entered into the Diff_Elev_ft field for the INDEX = 100 point


I hope this makes sense.  In my mind I need to set up the elevation from the INDEX = 1 point as a variable and for every other point (with an INDEX > 1) subtract that variable value (the elevation at the INDEX = 1 point) from all the other trail point elevations.  This is all based on a table which has an INDEX and Elev_ft value for each point on the trail.