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Related Table Attributes in Popup Not Working

Question asked by Stephen.Patterson77 on May 10, 2018

I have been trying to access related table attributes in a popup for a featureLayer lately and I cannot get it to show results.  Accessing the main attributes in popup content works fine as a string of the field name within curly braces or as popup elements where I provide the fieldInfos and fieldName properties.  


The documentation shows that related records can be accessed by giving a fieldName like below:

                  popupTemplate = [{
                     "type": 'fields',
                      "fieldInfos": [{
                          "fieldName": "FACILITY_NAME",
                          "label": "Facility:"
                      }, {
                          "fieldName": "relationships/2/GlobalID",
                          "label": "Id:"


The ID of my related table is 2 and I was just trying to use GlobalID as an example.  The popup returns blank when I use this above example, so it seems like it is trying to access the related records.  It shows the popup fine if I only use the first fieldName attribute and comment out the related attribute.  I was wondering if pagination automatically adds any related records to the popup as well. 


Are there any other settings required when I publish a layer with related records or any other code that is required besides just typing "relationships/2/GlobalID"?