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Multiple IIF() Statements in Arcade Expression

Question asked by jhead@lakeworth on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by MCline19

I am trying to use multiple IIF() statements inside a single arcade expression.


Before I was creating 10 separate expressions and using them all in my pop-up configs, but I am now facing the challenge with 30+ IIF() statements for a single field and do not want create 30+ arcade expressions and incorporate all 30 inside pop-up config.


my method which I thought would work but its only displaying blank values


IIF($feature.field =='apple','fruit','')





I want the above all inside a single expression and have it display the desired output depending on field's value.

however the above is not displaying any output even if the field value is candy, or carrot or apple.

is multiple IIF() statements on a single field a limitation of arcade?