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Arcmap show different attribute column when zooming

Question asked by Zitman_UvAGIS on May 7, 2018

Hi, all!


I was wondering Is there a way to use the attribute columns of a shapefile to change the symbology at different zoom levels in ArcMap?


So i have a geomorphological map (shapefile) with four different detail levels. I want to symbology level 1 (attribute column 1) from scale 0:10,000, show level 2 (attribute column 2) at scale 10,000: 20,000, show level 3 (attribute column 3) at scale 20,000:50,000: and level 4 at scale >50,000. 


The only solution i found was to create a group layer. export the four different levels as separate shapefiles and put them into the group layer. Then set four each layer a scale range in the general tab of the layer properties. 


I also came across this video (Desktop Mapping: Creating Vector Tiles - YouTube ) where they introduce changing symobolgies at different zoom levels for ArcGIS Pro. This was the reaction for this old post (Scale Range, SQL Query and Symbology Rendering in ArcMap ). However, it still is not possible to visualize different columns, because you can not adjust the labels when you add an extra field in symbology. properties.


So i was wondering if somebody can help me with this problem?


Yours sincerly,