Scale Range, SQL Query and Symbology Rendering in ArcMap

Idea created by 1_jrflannery on Jan 1, 2011
    Partially Implemented

    I would like to see the ability to set multiple scale ranges, SQL queries and symbology properties for a single featureclass in the TOC of an ArcMap document.  As an example, this is already available for featureclass label properties via the Label Manager and Label Classes.  How about a Symbol Manager with Symbol Classess?  With symbol classes, I would not have to create a “group” within the TOC of my map with many instances of the same featureclass to get my scale dependencies, definition queries and symblologies setup to display properly at various map scales.  This is especially important to me for when I expose my map’s table-of-contents to end-users in my web maps.

    The Labeling Manager allows the user to add one or many label classes and for each label class, set a scale range, add a SQL query, and set the text symbology (see, below).  Fantastic!  Let’s do the same for featureclass symbology in ArcMap.