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ArcGIS Workforce - Creating Assignments from Feature

Question asked by cdohertysouthribble on May 4, 2018
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As part of a digital transformation process we are looking at a work management tool for our Grounds Maintenance teams.


I have been having a play around with Workforce and I think this could really work for us. One thing I am struggling with is the ability to create assignments from features, I have set the default map to one our existing maps but when creating an assignment don't seem to have the ability to select a feature. Do I need to use a map with a feature layer for this to work? I have enabled pop-ups on all of the layers I would like to create assignments from.


If we do need to use feature layers this could cause a problem as the majority of our data is currently in Shapefile format.


I appreciate I have very little knowledge of Workforce but couldn't see an answer to this on the web or in any documentation.


Any help or information is much appreciated.