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service area buffer not functioning properly

Question asked by kjohns25@terpmai on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by MMorang-esristaff
I am encountering issues for the Service Area function in Network Analysis in ArcMap 10.6.  Here is a summary of my steps:
- I have obtained the pertinent shapefiles for my analysis.  Streets, hospitals and converted them into a State Coordinate Plane map projection.  (They were originally a GSC_N_American_1983 and decimal degrees where shown in the lower right corner in ArcMap)
- I created a new geodatabase file (gdb) and imported associated layers in the new map projection.
- In ArcCatalog, I right clicked on the projected streets shapefile (not in the gdb) and selected New Network Dataset.  I created a new Network Dataset and generally leave the default settings.  For Length, I changed the measured units from Meters to Miles.
- In Network Analysis, I selected New Service Area and select the hospitals_projected shapefile as the facilities in Load Locations. The locations display as Located under the Facilities layer. I have tried different distances for Location Position/Use Geometry, and this is the area where I am having my issue.  My goal was to run this for 5 miles.  It works after selecting OK in the Load Locations window and select the Solve icon, but each time I run the Service Area it creates only a 1 mile road buffer around each facility.
I did notice that I should calculate geometry for the streets shapefile, and I went back to calculate this while deleting the files in the gdb and basically starting all over again.  Should I use the hospitals shapefile used in the Service Area in my gdb or the one that I projected? Lastly, it appears the hospitals shapefile points were all moved on the road network, but is there a way to verify this?