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JavaScript API: Edge: won't pass-through athenticate, throws privateNetworkClientServer error

Question asked by brianj on May 3, 2018

Only in Edge, on Windows 10, I cannot load any layers served by the ArcGIS Server federated with our internal ArcGIS Portal into JavaScript API 4.7 applications running under localhost (IISExpress) on my local workstation. For example, if I download this example web page:
FeatureLayer | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.7 _
remove the extent, replace the url with one of our layers url and then serve it with IISExpress, the layer not load. However, if I switch to IE or to Chrome, it does. In the JavaScript console of Edge, I found this message:
SEC7117: Network request to https://[our internal portal host]/arcgis/rest/services/Seizures/FeatureServer/7?f=json&callback=dojo_request_script_callbacks.dojo_request_script0 did not succeed.
This Internet Explorer instance does not have the following capabilities: privateNetworkClientServer