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Startup Widget From Conditional Logic

Question asked by jamesfreddyc Champion on Apr 30, 2018
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WAB Developer 2.7

Launchpad Theme


Requirement: onOpen of a Web AppBuilder app that contains two or more custom widgets, open a specific widget based upon a url parameter of the deployed WAB.


I'm looking for some design/architecture guidance.  We know how to acquire url parameters and their values so this is more of an attempt to understand where we would want to put logic to open specific widget based upon the value of that url parameter. 


One idea is to have a "startup" widget whose sole existence is to get the url parameter value and open the other widget using the required logic. (ie. if &urlParamTodo=X then open widget 1, else if &urlParamTodo=Y then open widget 2, else if &urlParamTodo=Z then open widget 3).  This seems like the least disruptive approach and could alleviate the need to alter the framework.


But maybe there's an even better way.  Any comments or ideas?