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How to create a built up area / settlements map?

Question asked by dameli on Apr 29, 2018
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I have a basic question  about raster processing;

How can I extract built up / developed area from non-built up area in a NDBI raster data set?

I used ArcGIS Pro NDPI Index to distinguish builtin-up area from other land use/covers in a Landsat 8 image. I guess the index supposed to produce a raster image with pixel values from -1 to 1 in which (based on a document) value from -.51 to .75 represent built-up lands. However, the value of almost all the pixels of my NDBI data set fall in that range and considered as built-up lands. I tried to use supervised pixel based classification (Random Trees and other methods) with the original landsat 8, (10 bands composite) image, and with the produced NDBI raster using the most accurate training samples that I could create, but I did not get accurate result. I have same problem with detecting Tamarisk trees using a NDVI.

Can anybody help me with this?

Thank you