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Is it possible to intercept the search widget input?

Question asked by DAsbury-esristaff Employee on Apr 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by rdanser_lasvegas

Trying to figure out how to gather user input without requiring them to input their location twice. I want to end up with both coordinates and a text description of the place.


I have two thoughts:

1) User types location in search widget on geopoint question and input is captured in a text field

2) User types location into a text field and pulldata is used to calculate input for the geopoint question.


Right now I can use a geopoint and pulldata to calculate text fields (a. la. the 'Calculate location from geopoint' sample survey) with coordinates, but of course need a reverse geocode to get place names.


I saw James Tedrick's issue Feedback: Coordinate Entry and GeoSearch · Issue #105 · tedrick/Survey123-Testing · GitHub but was not able to get the example form to work. Probably because I need to do something to set up reverse geocoding so pulldata has something to read - i.e. pulldata("@geopoint", ${location}, "address.text"))