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Search Widget (4.7) using a Map Service - not returning results

Question asked by PrillLake on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2018 by rscheitlin

I'm attempting to query a map service using the Search Widget (4.7).  The widget works fine when selecting from one of the list of suggested values as I begin typing.  When entering complete values (and hitting enter or the search icon), it returns "No Results", even when the value is valid.   I tried publishing the same data to AGOL, to test if its an issue with the map service.. and sure enough all works well with a feature service.


Has anyone else experienced this?  


Here's my code for reference:

var searchSources = [

featureLayer: {
url: "https://.../arcgis/rest/services/Public/ParcelsTest/MapServer/0"
searchFields: ["TAXLOT"],
displayField: "TAXLOT",
name: "Taxlot Search",
placeholder: "Enter Taxlot Number",
popupOpenOnSelect: true,
maxResults: 6,
maxSuggestions: 6,
suggestionsEnabled: true,
minSuggestCharacters: 5