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Features not visible in map

Question asked by deleted-user-jxpbpbjlZInj on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by deleted-user-jxpbpbjlZInj

I've got a point layer with 3700 features in ArcPro. Earlier today (and all last week, and the week before), it was displaying fine and then suddenly it decided it didn't want to display. 

I've checked zoom extent and it's set to none. Option to zoom to visible grayed out. When I select all in the attribute table they DO highlight as if they are there, but when I deselect they do not show (and they are set as little red dots, no transparency applied.) 

If I select a handful and zoom to, they show. 

Working in ArcPro 2.1.2 on HP ProBook650 G2, i7, Windows 10

Is ArcPro choosing not to display when a certain number of features exist? If so, what's the cutoff, and can I override that?

UPDATE 4/23/2018: A simple close and re-open resolved the issue! Duh.