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Current status of ESRI and require.js?

Question asked by comScoreMovies on Apr 19, 2018
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I've been assigned to add some mapping functionality to a mid size Durandal application which uses require.js as its module loader.  I've been unsuccessfully tinkering around with building a sample app.


The most recent require.js threads here are all three years old or more, so I'm wondering what the current status is.  Using esri with requirejs and without dojo causing errors looked to me to be the last big conversation on the topic.


I have also had a look at Tom Wayson's recent post on esri-loader.  Durandal doesn't use node, so I can't directly use that, but I took a try at cleaning up the esri-loader.js file out of the dist/umd directory.  However this did not work for a couple of reasons.  First, esri-loader.js uses window['require'], which in my case is require.js.  Second, I had hoped to persuade require.js to load the built Dojo module off of /4.6/dojo/dojo, however this failed (stackoverflow tells me that require.js can load dojo from source, but not a built module).  If it had worked, I might have saved it off in window['dojo'] or something of that nature.


I'm unsure of what my next move ought to be.  Any suggestions?