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Update a hosted feature layer in Portal datastore with GeoEvent?

Question asked by ascullyCOT on Apr 18, 2018

Question very similar to this one:… 


But for a feature layer hosted in Enterprise/Portal datastore.


I have set up the connection to our Portal site in the data store section of GeoEvent.  I go to create an output (Update a Feature) and the connection works - I can see my content there, and select the hosted feature service (it has just one layer) in the 'Service Name' box with no issues:  <MyHostedLayer> (FeatureServer)


What I can't do is select the Layer in the next box - The drop down is empty, so I can't create the Update a Feature output.  


So - is this possible?  Is there a different Output I need to use when updating hosted data (we are using regular PG Datastore for our hosted stuff in Portal).   And does it matter that for now our GeoEvent instance is NOT part of our Enterprise instance that contains our Portal site?


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