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Web AppBuilder downloads widgets that I'm not using into zip file.

Question asked by David.Wendelken on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by David.Wendelken

I started off a web appbuilder application using standard widgets.
I later cloned those widgets and created new widgets with new names.
I then removed the std widgets and added the new widgets to the application.
I run the app in the developer web appbuilder and it works fine.
I then download the application to build the zip file I can use to deploy with.


That's when things get weird.
The download file has both the original standard widgets and my new widgets in it.
I don't know where the original standard widgets are coming from.


The original widgets are NOT in directories configs or widgets directories in the server\apps\(app#)\  folder.   Only the new widgets are there.



They are NOT mentioned in the server\apps\(app#)\config.json file.  Only the new widgets are mentioned.
The two widgets being surreptitiously added are the AddData and the Search widgets.

Plus, in the master config.json file it puts in the zip file, it "forgets" to include a reference to a few widget-specific config files that are clearly present in the master config.json file in my server\apps\(app#)\config.json file.

In addition, one of the widget-specific config files is an old version that simply is not in the application folder. 

Anyone have any ideas?