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Error 000800 in Summary Statistics in script tool

Question asked by vshah6 on Apr 11, 2018
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So I am creating a script tool to be able to provide reports on a weekly basis without having to enter in the parameters over and over again where as I can just click a button to run it for me in the form of a script tool.


Here's what my script looks like:

import arcpy
import os
import arcpy.mapping as map
from arcpy import env
import datetime

mxd = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument("Current")
slackFeatures = r'Slack Features'
date =
reportsGDB = r'\\Desktop\Summary_Report\Slack_Summary_Reports.gdb'
reportsFolder = r'\\Desktop\Summary_Reports'

inLayer = slackFeatures
outputName = 'slack_summary'
outLayer = reportsGDB + "/" + outputName
statsFields = ["footage", "SUM"]
caseFields = ["NetworkID", "ProjectID", "type"]

arcpy.Statistics_analysis(inLayer, outLayer, statsFields, caseFields)


This gives me the Error 000800: The value is not a member of SUM | MEAN | MIN | MAX | RANGE | STD | COUNT | FIRST | LAST.


Inputting these parameters manually into the Summary Statistics tool works but it doesn't in the script. I am currently out of ideas to solve this and am open to ideas to try out.


The field footage is a Long field and works manually in the Summary Statistics tool but does not work in the script. I tried the summary statistics tool on another feature class and the custom fields we have in that are Double which the summary statistics works fine for in the script. I tried it on a Long field again for the feature class with the custom fields and the summary statistics throws back the same error.


Why the Summary Statistics tool not work in a script for Long fields but would work for Double fields?