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EXTRACT(YEAR FROM...) query not working on SDE database

Question asked by MollyKFoley on Apr 9, 2018
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For some reason this query works on FGDB but not SDE geodatabases. Is that by design? When I use select by attributes and type this query:


EXTRACT(YEAR FROM MyDateField) = 2015


This will work on a file geodatabase. When I try the same query with an SDE geodatabase, I get the error:

"There was an error executing the query. Invalid SQL syntax [[Microsoft][ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server][SQL Server] Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'FROM'.][mydata.dbo.database]."


I have tried rewriting the query in these ways but all come back with the same error:

EXTRACT(YEAR FROM "MyDateField") = 2015

EXTRACT(YEAR FROM MyDateField) = '2015'

EXTRACT(YEAR FROM [MyDateField]) = 2015


The last thing I tried was the DatePart function. This appears to work on SDE geodatabases:

DatePart("yyyy", MyDateField) = 2015


I am confused as to why this one works but not the EXTRACT one, especially because DatePart looks like it's meant for personal geodatabases: How To: Search for specific parts of a date stored in a Date-Time field 


Additionally, when building a query to use as a filter in Javascript API, the EXTRACT(YEAR FROM "MyDateField") = 2015 works on the SDE data and the DatePart does not. You'd think that one of these types of queries would work in all cases...frustrating.