Transitioning from GeoCortex viewer to ESRI product: When creating features, prepopulate attributes based on other layers

Discussion created by andrescastillo08 on Apr 9, 2018
At my organization, we use geocortex the platform for our web app viewer.
In it, we have a field asset inspection app.
Once the inspector creates a new feature, the feature is created on the map, and the attributes form appears with some of the attribute fields prepopulated based on other layers in the app.
For example, when the user creates a new manhole, the attributes prepopulate with values from another layer, such as the lift station zone polygon the manhole point lies in.
I am trying to recreate this workflow with an ESRI product, , like WAB Developer Edition, ArcGIS Collector, or Survey 123.
Due to security concerns, I cannot share the website here, nor the zip file that contains the code for the website.
I would most likely be able to share details on a one-on-one basis.
I can say though that in the code, I notice a 'EditAttributesModule.prototype.OnViewActivatedEvent' variable that might be what makes this work.
I have a solid basic understanding of JS, CSS, and HTML, but have not fully connected the dots to be able to implement this using an ESRI product
Can someone help me with this?