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Restrict Mouse Hover to layer extent

Question asked by VeenaH on Apr 7, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by VeenaH

I am using mouse hover event to display information,Below code is working but i want restrict mouse hovering to layer extent.If mouse cursor is out of layer extent also graphics and pop is not clearing.Can any help to restrict this


PollingLayer.on("mouse-over", function (evt) { Assemblymap.infoWindow.hide(); dijitPopup.close(dialog); var t = "${POLIN_STATN_NAME}" var content = esriLang.substitute(evt.graphic.attributes, t); highlightGraphic = new Graphic(evt.graphic.geometry, highlightSymbol);; dialog.setContent(content); domStyle.set(dialog.domNode, "opacity", 0.85);{ popup: dialog, x: evt.pageX, y: evt.pageY }); }); dojo.connect(, "onMouseOut", function (evt) { dijitPopup.close(dialog);; // Assemblymap.setMapCursor("default"); });