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How do we use Web Feature Service to query features in a case sensitive manner?

Question asked by vvchan93 on Apr 6, 2018


How is everyone today? I am looking for a way to query features that contains a specific string, case does not matter using WFS. I am currently using ArcgisServer 10.4 and have my layer exposed as a WFS service. Using the ideas from this post, Case Insensitive WFS Attribute Search with ArcGIS Server? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange , I attempted to use a similar query as mercurial. But matchCase is still being ignored. Normalizing the database is not an option because we would have too many columns to generate. I was looking into StoredQueries but after investigating a little further it seems like it is not a way to generate your own SQL queries that can be utilized by WFS filters. Is there anyway to accomplish this strictly through WFS? In order to keep interoperability we want to continue using WFS if possible. Are there any available Arcgis WFS filters I could use to achieve my goal? The GetCapabilities document of my server is really sparse and has no indication of any filter function I could use.




<wfs:GetFeature service="WFS" version="1.1.0" maxFeatures="1000" resultType='results' xmlns:wfs="" xmlns:ogc="" xmlns:gml="">
 <wfs:Query srsName="EPSG:4326" typeName="typeName:{typename}">
        <ogc:PropertyIsLike wildCard="*" singleChar="." escape="!" matchCase="false">


Thank you for your time