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Customizing Field Entry in GeoForm

Question asked by bokeefe on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by bokeefe

So I am using the GeoForm so that our Permitting department can add address points that do not already exist and apply permits to those newly created address points. The problems I am having are that :

  1. Point Identification
    We have exactly TWO entry points for creating new addresses and we need to differentiate between them when viewing them. We have a single user converting ALL of our address points using ESRI Desktop 10.5.1 and then there will be this GeoForm available internally only. I need to have ALL GeoForm entries to have a SiteAddID field that shows it's from the GeoForm... so adding "GF" to the ID is Step One of our needs.
  2. SiteAddID Customization
    I have tried a number of options for customizing the SiteAddID field entry from the GeoForm. We have a proprietary system that connects SiteAddressPoints to Permits and it does this using the SiteAddID field. I need to customize the entries for this field through the GeoForm but it's not working.


So my current attempt to adjust this field was to try to have the field be invisible to the end user of the GeoForm and create a DefaultValue for the field inside the GeoForm config/default.js file. I figure if I can adjust this then I could use JS to get the adjustment I wanted. But nothing I do causes the defaultValue to change anything if the field is invisible. I do NOT want the user to even see the SiteAddID field because I fear they will cause issues somehow. Just make it invisible and modify the input... Much like using the Attribute Assistant on Desktop.


Can anyone help me?