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FeatureTable sort error - not show all records

Question asked by spikin_vn on Apr 3, 2018

Why the FeatureTable does not display all records?

For example, my FeatureTable show count 143, but going through the table I counted only 64?


In Fiddler all request passed - 1 query - 50 records; 2 query - 50 records; 3 - query - 43 records.


As I understand, this is an error (bug?) for displaying sorted data in the FeatureTable on the field type Date.

If i remove the FeatureTable sorting settings - all records are displayed.

          // gridOptions: {
          //   sort: {
          //     field: "DOGOVOREND", descending: false}
          // },


But I need to output the data in sorted view.