Follow up to Null versus Not Null in Pro

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Last week I ran into some confusion when trying to use a FieldName is not null expression.  See ArcGIS Pro Select By Attribute IS NOT NULL .


There were a number of records that had the string '<Null>' entered as the value which threw me off my game considerably.  I talked to the data owner and he jumped on the problem immediately making the proper corrections.


Today I looked at the data again: it's a feature layer that is published from an enterprise geodatabase feature class to our local portal: the data owner made the edits to the e-gdb feature class.  Now when I look at the data via the Select by Attribute tool in Pro, I still see <Null> listed as a value. The expression:


Reach ID  is Equal to <Null> fails  as it should


while Reach ID Is Null works, as it should


and Reach ID Is Not Null works as it should 


However I still see an issue with the way Pro displays string field values with out quotes: the list displays <Null> as a valid value.  After last week's foray, I still would consider this a six character string. ( <,N,u,l,l,>), but it isn't.




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