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Question asked by tnair on Mar 29, 2018
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Testing Enabling Archiving on SQL Server.  Couldn't edit the feature classes.  Received an error that there was an invalid column.   Discovered the BUG.  Tested running Migrate Storage Tool.  Some of the feature classes are not accessible any more.  

BUG-000106321: Enabling archiving on SQL Server feature classes cre.. 

An error is returned that "The selected object failed to draw.  Invalid Object name.  It can't find the associated SDE_GEOMETRY13 table.  I checked the SDE_Layers table for the layer_id which is number 13.  There is no table SDE_GEOMETRY13.  However, a lot of the feature classes that are visible and working don't have an associated SDE_GEOMETRY<layer_id> table.  Is there a fix for this?   I tried maybe adding a spatial index again.  Didn't work. Want to see if I can fix before deleting and replacing the file from backup.