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Arcpy Describe Function

Question asked by joincto on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2018 by joincto

Why does this function not recognize a project (.aprx) file?

It simply returns that the file is a ....drumroll.....File!

You may say, well, all projects have a .aprx suffix.

Well, map files, afaik, always have a .mxd suffix,

but Describe() has no difficulty in telling you it is a map.


I find this Arcpy API cumbersome and illogical The

omission I allude to here is just one example.


There is no arpy functionality to determine whether

a dataset has a join. There is no API to change a

a field's alias... And so it goes on.


And , while I am on the subject, the documentation has

this really annoying GUI that is slow and is constantly flashing

and redrawing the side bar. It is tiresome, one loses one's

place, and it probably gives people headaches (literal ones).