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pulldata question

Question asked by Brian.Webb2_arcadis on Mar 26, 2018
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I have an autocomplete field which acts as the lookup for a pulldata calculation in a survey. When I save the survey, it gives me the following error:

ODK Validate Warnings:

XForm Parse Warning: choice value [my choice] is too long; max. suggested length 32 chars

Problem found at nodeset:/html/body/select1[@appearance=autocomplete][@ref=Survey_1t_test/plant_common_name]/item/value

With element <value>


Any help is appreciated. Please note that "my choice" is actually another choice. I chose not to show due to project restrictions. The actual choice is 36 characters long.

I thought that when using pulldata, you could set the field type and length in the survey to avoid any issues such as these. My current field length is set at 300.


I believe that this error is causing all my select_one yes_no fields to select both yes and no at the same time...which is throwing the whole survey out of whack.


Thanks for any help.