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open popup programmatically in js 3.x?

Question asked by lkoumis on Mar 15, 2018
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I have a tool where a user clicks on a location, it performs a query for that location, and it returns the results by placing a graphic on the location and displays the results in an infowindow.

However, I use the popup panel widget developed by the guru Robert Scheitlin and the infowindow cannot work.

The issue is that I can't use infotemplate or popuptemplate because neither has the show property. The user will have to click on the location after the graphic is displayed,  to view the popup.

Another user described the same issue at:

javascript - How to trigger a Graphic's click event? - Stack Overflow 

and found the solution to use:

However, this is only available in js 4.x

Any suggestions to accomplish the same task in js 3.x?