ESRI Enterprise geodatabase disagrees with ESRI File Geodatabase on what is a valid shape

Discussion created by micsbjc on Mar 13, 2018
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Some time ago I raised a discussion titled 'ESRI and Microsoft SQL disagreeing on what is a valid shape'. The response from that gave me a far greater understanding of Resolution/Tolerance and the differences between the ESRI and Microsoft SQL Worlds. This discussion is now looking at ESRI Enterprise Geodatabase and ESRI File Geodatabase having differing points of view on what is valid.

We are running 10.5.1 using SQL Server 2016.

The steps I took were

  • Ran FME (2016) to read a SQL table containing 600K polygons and write to an ESRI Enterprise Geodatabase with default Resolution/Tolerance (0.000000001/0.000000008983153)
  • My understanding is that ESRI will not allow invalid (eg self-intersecting) polygons into the  Enterprise Geodatabase . This is confirmed by ArcCatalog managing to display the results.
  • Using ArcCatalog I then did an Export to a file geodatabase with the target having default Resolution/Tolerance (0.000000001/0.000000008983153)
  • I then used the Toolbox DataManagementTools -  Features - Check geometry against the File geodatabase.
  • This identified 315 'self-intersections'.

This appears to me to be an illogical situation. How can Enterprise geodatabase load an apparent 'self-intersecting' polygon without detecting an error. (Or is logic in 'Check geometry' different to that in Enterprise input processing?)


My next step is to try loading from SQL to the File Geodatabase (using FME) and to identify and resolve 'self-intersections', but I thought it worth raising the issue to a wider community before I waste time going down a wrong path.